4 Smoothies para un desayuno energético y saludable

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1- Banana & Strawberry Smoothie Bowl: the classic

This smoothie reminds me of the ones that my mom’s made for my brother and I when we were kids. Extra colourful and energetic thanks to the berries and the sugar-free muesli.

Bols de Smoothie para el desayuno

2-Coconut and Spiruina Smoothie Bowl: extra proteins

Spirulina is a seaweed with the properties of a super food: it will help you to control your hunger, it’s a great source of proteins ad it’s low calorie. The perfect smoothie for those who exercise everyday.

Bols de Smoothie para el desayuno

3-Tropical Smoothie Bowl: with pineapple and mango

That one is for those who need vacation on the beach right now.

Bols de Smoothie para el desayuno

4- Cherry & Chocolate Smoothie Bowl

It’s cherry season and, in Spain, we have the best cherries in the whole world (not because I am Spanish, but they truly are). Add some black, sugar-free chocolate and get the extra energy your rain needs to face the day.

Bols de Smoothie para el desayuno

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