Comer Sano | Tostada Integral de Centeno con Jamón Ibérico, Aguacate y Huevo

Comer Sano | Tostada de aguacate, jamón ibérico y huevo a la plancha

Today, we are starting a new section on the blog. From now on, and once a month, we are going to enjoy a fit and healthy recipe that will be commented by the personal trainer and expert in fitness nutrition Ángel Luis Núñez. With each recipe, he will tell us what are the qualities of the ingredients, why are they good for us and when can we eat the dish.

So I let you enjoy the first post, a whole-wheat rye bread toast with Spanish ham, avocado and egg. Have in mind that some ingredients such as the cheese, should be low fat and the bread must be whole-wheat to enjoy all its good qualities.

What are the ingredients and how do I prepare the recipe?

You can get the recipe by clicking here.

What benefits will the ingredients of this recipe give me?

Olive Oil and Avocado: these two super-foods are going to give us monounsaturated fatty acids such as oleic acid, which is very good for the heart. On the other hand, avocado is a source of potassium. It has more potassium than bananas!

Comer Sano | Tostada de aguacate, jamón ibérico y huevo a la plancha

Spanish Ham and Egg: we are going to get most of the proteins in this recipe from these two ingredients. They are animal proteins that will help us recover our muscles after the exercise or even to increase their size if we have trained properly.

Comer Sano | Tostada de aguacate, jamón ibérico y huevo a la plancha

Whole-Wheat Rye Bread: we are getting carbs and fibre from this one. We don’t choose whole-wheat by chance. The whole-wheat bread is made with all the grain so it keeps all its benefits (fibre, vitamins and minerals). It will help us to feel full and it doesn’t have added sugars.

When can I eat that?

We can eat this recipe as a breakfast or even as lunch with some fruit. If you don’t feel full, you can eat two toasts and, let’s exercise! Life is better in movement.

Nutrition per Serving:



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