5 desayunos saludables para empezar el día a tope

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1- Spinach & Poached Eggs Bruschetta

I have always loved breakfast with the combo carbs + veggie protein + animal protein, and this is one of my favourites. If you add to it 3 or 4 strawberries or a piece of fruit, you’ll have a complete breakfast.

Bruschettas de queso crema, espinacas y huevo escalfado

2- Vanilla & Blueberry Porridge:

Porridge is, basically, oats and milk and it’s one of the most famous dishes on Instagram (or England). Apart from the honey or super sweet Instagram versions, porridge can be a very healthy breakfast that will give us energy to get on with the day if you choose the right ingredients.

Porridge o gachas de avena con yogur de vainilla y arándanos

3- Almond Milk, Banana & Cinnamon Smoothie:

That one is a perfect option to eat fruit in the morning or to have a quick breakfast. Also, cinnamon makes you feel full, so it’s a great option.

Smoothie de leche de almendras, plátano y canela

4- Greek yogurt parafait with berries and nuts (on the go):

This breakfast is perfect to take away in a mason jar and eat anywhere; so no more excuses! Low fat Greek yogurt can be found in some supermarkets; also, you can choose any other yogurt you like, like coconut, which is my favourite.

Parfait de Yogur Griego y Frutos Rojos

5- Chia Pudding with aromatised milk and nuts

This breakfast has everything: seeds, citric, nuts and the protein of the milk. Something like rice pudding, but using chia seed and sugar free.



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