3 Libros obligatorios para cocinillas

My collection of cookbooks is quite big, but I wish it was bigger. It’s getting bigger little by little with new books and magazines but, there are three books that are my main source when solving a doubt.

So here they are:

1- Patisserie at Home

This huge book has a lot of wisdom inside. You’ll learn how to make cake bottoms, dough, creams, fillings and whole pies and pastries. It’s a must have if you are a fan of French Patisserie just like me.

2- The Flavour Thesaurus

Do you want to try new flavours? Or you have an ingredient and you have absolutely no idea of what to add to it? This book will be your best friend just as mushrooms and apricots are (and if you don’t believe me, read the book)

3- 1080 Recipes: The Bible of Authentic Spanish Cooking by Simone Ortega

This book has been in my kitchen since forever. One day, it came down of the bookshelf and it has never returned to it. It has everything you need to know about Spanish cooking and it’s perfect. In my house, cooking exists thanks to it.


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