3 Tips + How to style a Hamburger Guide

Style a dish can be very easy or very hard; it isn’t the same to style a mushroom soup than a Burger, obviously. However, every dish can be styled easily if you are patient, organised and know the tricks.

That’s why I’m bringing you today a very useful infographic about How to Style a burger as a pro. It is just a small piece of what you can find in my Fast Guide of How to Style a Hamburger (now it’s just in Spanish but it will be available in English very soon, sorry for the inconvenience).

So here you have my tips:

  1. The bread:

You have to find the perfect bun; that’s what you will show the most in the photo. It’s also important to have a backup bun in case the first attempt is a fail.

  1. The meat:

I prefer to make the burger myself (also when I’m going to eat it) as the ones that come with the shape are full of water and you will end up with a very tiny burger after cooking it.

Oh! And remember to cook for the eyes, not for your stomach.

  1. The details:

Perfection is about details. Pay attention to them, cut small lettuce pieces, toast your bacon properly and put ketchup just in the right spots.

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