¡Mantente hidratado! 4 aguas de sabores para hacer en casa

In Madrid summer weather has arrived and it looks that it will stay so we need something chilled. As you don’t want to give up with your fit-summer operation, I know, I’m giving you 4 ideas to drink a lot and don’t get bored.

In the last years, flavoured water has become popular and you can find it almost anywhere but it has artificial flavours, sweeteners, sugars and all that stuff you don’t really need.

I like to make my water just with fruits but if you want to get a more intense flavour, try it with some fresh herbs, spices or just a little bit of sweetener.

1- Strawberry & Cucumber

Agua saborizada con Pepino y Fresa

2- Kiwi & Lemon

Agua saborizada con Limón y Kiwi

3- Lime & Raspberries

Agua saborizada con lima y frambuesas

4- Blackberries & Lemon

Agua saborizada con Limón y Arándanos

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