1- Get out of your usual supermarket

Yes, I know, you’re super lazy and bored of hearing and listening to that. And you already know where is your soya milk, your favourite bread and the greenest broccoli. But, get out of your comfort zone!

There are million of traditional markets and local stores where a lot of amazing products are waiting for you with real flavours, colours and textures. Your photos will change because having a good “model” is important too.

#TIP I – Love the imperfections: Perfect ingredients are not as attractive as we might think. Try to shoot “ugly” or imperfect ones.

Hacer la compra para un shooting fotográfico

2-Mind your budget

Whether if you are working for a client or for your own blog, money matters, let’s be honest. Buying unnecessary things means throwing away food and money and that doesn’t help anyone.

It is important not only fixing a budget but also trying to optimize your resources. What I do is to use the perishable products on several recipes and the published them in the blog separated in time so I don’t go shopping or buy the food twice.

#TIP II – Don’t throw the food away: What I use to do is use the perishable products on several recipes and the published them in the blog separated in time so I don’t go shopping or buy the food twice. But ¡shhhh! Don’t tell anyone.

organizar presupuesto para shooting

3- Don’t pack like a fool

Nobody will pack the eggs on the bottom of the bag and place the milk on top, right? SO let’s think of every ingredient to take photos to like an egg.

You can buy really beautiful tomatoes but, at the end of the day, if they are smashed you have nothing. Place the heavy stuff on the bottom and the light products on top. Be especially careful with veggies and herbs.

#TIP III – As fresh as a daisy: herbs are much more beautiful when they’re fresh so avoid dried ones. Also, in some local markets they will give them to you for free (one more reason to support # 1)

Hacer la compra para un shooting fotográfico

4- Pay attention to details

Looking for a hero is important, no one will say the opposite, If you make roast chicken, chicken is the hero. But what makes the photo special are the details: some fresh herbs, very colourful veggies or even a sauce will make the trick so don’t forget to write it down.

#TIP IV – The Backup Plan: you should always have more than one of each ingredient. If you are cooking a hamburguer and you break the bread when cutting it, you are ruining teh photo, the recipe and the work if you are working for a client. If the client is the one buying the ingredients make sure you ask (or even demand) spare ingredients.

5- Be organized: lists, lists and more lists

When I first started to work in the food photography business, I went to shop for my first shooting and I realized in the supermarket that my list was a complete chaos. After a few shootings, I realised that I was expending more time in the supermarket than it was acceptable.

Organisation in the key, so I first thought about making a “supermarket list” but every market and supermarket is different so it wouldn’t have worked. Finally, I decided to make a “product type” list and I wanted to share it with you all.

This shopping list was born to solve a very common problem amongst food stylists and photographer but I’m sure everyone who goes shopping will find it useful.

#TIP V – Download my super organised shopping list by clicking in one of the following pictures. What are you waiting for? (Very soon in English)

Listas de la compra para shooting de fotografía

Imprimible para hacer la lista de la compra







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  1. Me encanta!! Solo te seguía por Ig y acabo de descubrir que tienes un blog chulisimo. Me apunto tus TIPS que vienen de lujo. Lo de la compra cuando tienes un blog de recetas es una auténtica locura. Ah! Y yo también hago varias recetas con los ingredientes y luego las público espaciadas.

    Un abrazo

    • Muchísimas gracias! Si te soy sincera yo también acabo de descurbir tu blog. Ya tienes una nueva suscriptora fiel 🙂 Encima publicas cosillas de viajes que me encantan (estudié un Máster en Periodismo de Viajes así que soy una friki).

      Un abrazo y espero que sigas visitando el blog 🙂

  2. Me encantan tus fotos y tu Ig! T copio lo del vinilo! Estoy buscando algunos chulos! Gracias por compartir tus consejos! Sigue asi las fotos son estupendas!

    • ¡Muchas gracias! 🙂 Me encanta que os sean de utilidad mis truquillos y me alegra verte por aquí también (ahora mismito te sigo en IG 🙂 )

      ¡Un abrazo!

  3. Great tips! Love #2. So often I buy perishable ingredients (especially herbs), use a little, and the rest goes bad. Love your blog! Your pictures are beautiful!

    • Thanks a lot Lisa! It’s great to read that my tips are being useful for other bloggers/photographers 🙂

      And I’m so glad you like my blog!

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