New York Cheesecake


I’ve been dying to share with you this recipe for weeks because it’s kind of special. I have made it for the shooting of a film (“A mi manera”; you can visit them in their web or in their Instagram account) and I’m super proud to contribute to it.


Of course, I had to use some berries as a topping because berries’ season is finishing. Now that autumn is here, we will start with some spicy stuff.



For the bottom

1 packet of cookies

85gr butter

For the batter

900gr cream cheese

200ml heavy cream

300gr sugar

3 tbsp. flour

3 eggs size XL

1 tsp vanilla extract

½ lemon juice


Raspberry Jam

250gr blueberries

250gr raspberries

Caster Sugar



Smash and grate the cookies.

Melt the butter and add it to the cookies.

Mix well.



Pre-heat oven at 200º

Beat the cheese until smooth and add the cream.

Then, add sugar, vanilla, lemon juice and flour and mix.

Finally, add the eggs (one at a time) and stop mixing as soon as the batter is smooth so you don’t get too much air.



Prepared a 22-25cm mould with baking spray. You can also cover the bottom with a foil.

Putt he cookie bottom and bake it for 3 minutes. Then let it cool.

When it’s at room temperature, add the batter. Bake for 10 minutes. The, low down the temperature to 90º and bake for 40 minutes.

Turn off the oven and let the cake cool inside. Once the oven is cold, take the cake out of it and unmould. Let it cool in the fridge before decorate using jam and berries.

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