Today we are stepping to the next level in our road to a healthier life as we are starting a new section on blog where we are going to cook with seasonal products. We are going to walk this path with the nutritionist Gema Hidalgo, creator of Cuhídate, a method based in Mediterranean diet combined with natural brews and teas.

The ingredient chosen for this month recipe are strawberres. It’s strawberry season and you can find them anywhere (and they taste pretty good, right?). So we are going to make an amazing and healthy ice cream that it’s also sugar free.

It’s more specifically a strawberry ice cream with Medjoul Dates and it’s not a simple ice cream but the perfect snack for sport people or kids that are growing up. The combination of its three ingredients will give us vitamins, calcium and antioxidants.

Strawberries: the are very rich in Vitamin C and other antioxidants such as Vitamin E and flavonoids that will slow down the aging and will fight infections. It’s perfect for pregnant or fertile women.

They are also very low calorie and they will hydrate us as we eat them. Nevertheless, if you have renal problems it’s better to avoid them as they have oxalic acid.

Medjoul Dates: this variety of dates is specially sweet so it will be the perfect substitute for sugar. It’s also an important source of vitamin B6 and B5 that will keep our skin and hair healthy and strong. They are also really good for the liver.

They’ll help us to prevent heart diseases and intestinal cancer as they have lots of fibre.


Greek Yogurt: it has a big amount of calcium, which is very good for bones and teeth and also for the nervous system.

It also helps to regulate the intestinal bacterial flora and it’s rich in probiotics, perfect to help our immune system. And don’t forget about the hight content of proteins which is perfect for people who exercise.

Enjoy eating healthy!


Ingredient Calories Proteins Fats
Strawberries (70 gr) 24,5 kcal/70 0,6 kcal 0,3 kcal
Dates(30 gr) 87,9 kcal/30 gr O,5 kcal 0,1 kcal
Greek Yogurt  139 kcal/100 gr 6,4 kcal 10,2 kcal
Total Kcal. 251,4 kcal

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